JACoW Conference Organizers and Editors

JACoW team members fill a variety of roles with different responsibilities, all of which contribute to the JACoW website, the JACoW collaboration, and ultimately to the sharing of research and development in the accelerator community. This section contains information to guide you through the various roles and tasks you might take on as a JACoW team member.

  • Hosting a JACoW Conference: Essential reading for JACoW newcomers
  • SPMS: Everything you ever wanted to know about the Scientific Program Management System (SPMS)
    • Locate information by topic or by where it resides in the SPMS directory structure (see "Information by SPMS Structure" in the manual navigation).
    • Introduction to SPMS and the JACoW Profiles/Affiliations Repository that works with it.
    • Acquiring an SPMS instance and installing it; configuring the parameters, privileges, and roles; building the scientific program.
    • Managing the database, abstract submission, registration, and referring; creating forms; sending bulk email; extracting data.
  • All Things IT: Guidance for handling all the IT needs for proceedings production
    • Recommended hardware and software, including installation and setup parameters.
    • Using scripts with SPMS before, during, and after the conference.
    • Integrating SPMS data into your conference website.
    • Managing IT for presentations and the speaker-ready room.
  • Tutorials & Presentations: All the presentations and tutorial sessions from JACoW team meetings
  • Proceedings Production: Step-by-step process for producing the proceedings, from setting up the proceedings office to posting the papers on JACoW.org
    • Logistics and ergonomic considerations for setting up the proceedings office and related areas.
    • Configuring SPMS for the various stages of production and managing the workflow.
    • Managing and processing papers, presentations, and posters.
    • Producing the pre-press proceedings, final proceedings, data exports, and repatriation of data.

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