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IT Setup Working Group

Contact: Ivan Andrian (Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A.)

At this WG both experts and newcomers will meet and discuss the current status of the IT setup for JACoW conferences.

The aim is to share the JACoW experience, best practices, identify possible weaknesses and envisage any improvement.

Present status

  1. Windows 10 / Office 2016-2019 / Acrobat 12 or 2017 DC
  2. Operating System setup and software deployment
    • 2016 idea of virtual machines probably not practical or sustainable
    • JACoW Software bundle is over, unmaintained
    • Investigation on some bootstrap tool, like Chocolatey
      • Request to IT people of coming conferences (IPAC19, Cyc2019) to investigate - accepted
    • Possible no more need for cloning, then!

Exercise still needed

  1. Chocolatey
  2. BackupPC instead of SyncBack Free or other tools
  3. DNS/DHCP/... / proceedings office status board pre-configured
  4. Use of MS Office in trial mode
  5. Use of Windows 10 in trial mode
  6. Use of Acrobat in trial mode

More than words

  • Speaker preparation office: need to approach
  • Paper cafes (easier)
  • Continue with the paradigm of passing the knowledge
    • The person presenting the IT infrastructure at every TM will also maintain (consolidate, update etc.) the related documentation in the wiki, together with the IT manager for every IPAC
    • User test cases and feedback to conference IT guy
    • e.g., a PDF to apply the MediaBox crop and then print "yellow dot" - if the outcome is not as expected,
      there's something wrong in the setup