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Mobile App Working Group

Contact: Johan Olander (European Spallation Source ERIC)

The purpose of the Mobile App working group is to produce a sustainable way for JACoW Conferences to deploy apps for our supported conferences. This group should aim to coordinate their efforts during and between team meetings. Paperless conferences are bound to happen, more and more delegates keeps asking for digital tools. From a LOC's perspective this can be quite the challenge to manage. The app market is very much in flux and cannot be easily or affordably maintained in an organization like JACoW.


  • The first was IPAC'15 followed by IPAC'16.
  • IPAC'17 will be the third conference to deploy an app.
  • Mixed/few reviews but the general usage was pretty high.
  • Not a common app - so far.
  • Paperless conferences are bound to happen.
  • IPAC'15 team suggested this working group at last IPAC.


  • Should be a commitment from the larger conferences to be helpful in supporting the next in series.
  • Develop a standard set of features to familiarise the community with our approach.
  • Document how to set up SPMS for data extracts.
  • Ensure a good platform for feedback and support.

Recommendations and scope

Most conferences have a widely spread list of delegates, the single and most important feature people are asking for is that the app work offline.


  • Android Native, iOS Native

Timing & Release: Suggested launch date: April 2017 (C-1 month)


  • App made available on the following App Markets: Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app will be available for 10 months after the conference.


  • The app should supports the operating system Apple iOS v7.1 - 9.1 and Google Android v 4.0.3 - 6.0.

Login required:

  • No, this could be the case for sponsor features or exhibitor features.

Data & Integration :

  • If the app is online, data can be uploaded to the CMS by the conference organisers (e.g. from SPMS, making as much use as possible of the XML


  • Google Analytics to collect statistics within the app; current plans to add some of it as easier access directly within a CMS.

Proposed features

PROGRAMMEScientific Programme & Social Events shown in list form
INFO PAGESWelcome Notes, venue information, Companion Programme
SPEAKERS LISTContain name, affiliation, link to abstract, short bio, picture
PUSH NEWSpossibility to send messages to all delegates [data needed]
NOTESEnables user to make notes throughout various places in the app
MY CONFERENCEpersonal choices and selections, created by clicking like-button onto posters, talks, speakers, exhibition booths etc.
SEARCHEnable users to easily search the entire app
ABSTRACT LISTWith info on talk [speaker, time and place] for orals and PDF of poster for posters
INDUSTRY EXHIBITOR LISTPossibility to include logos, company info, links etc., plus position in Exhibitor Hall
POSTER SESSIONSfiltered by Poster Session date & time [colour-coded per section TBD]> Main Classifications > Poster code, title, author, abstract, PDF of poster
ABSTRACT LISTInfo on talk [speaker, time and place] for orals and PDF of poster for posters
CONFERENCE SUMMARYOffers an email summary of "my conference"

Exhibitor features

SPLASHappears when the app opens, banner highlighting max. 3 app sponsors
Enhanced info for exhibitorslogos, short text, contact info, phone number, email address

Constraints and gotchas

  • SPMS is being decommissioned within the comming years, indico will pick up its role.
  • App development may sound really cheap to LOC or OR, but is in fact very demanding.
  • Budget constrains probably applies for a lot of the conferences

Future deliverables

  • Specification of data interface
  • Architectural best practice for deploying apps
  • Vendors - what have been used where?


Include links to related information that team members may find useful, for example, tutorials, presentations, and software sites.